With One-on-One Virtual Coaching, I take an individualized approach to assessing the needs of each client, while developing his or her short and long-term goals and objectives. I help clients focus on building valuable skills such as organizing, planning, time and space management. I also strengthen clients' written language and study skills, using positive and engaging techniques. These strategies and systems are customized to identify and enhance each individual's strengths and learning styles, reinforcing strong, lifelong habits.

For school-aged clients, I will work with the Student Support Team to review, recommend and coordinate academic accommodations for learning plans with Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. When working with college students, I will facilitate the transition to college, including the application process, essay preparation, organization of materials and tracking of key dates. I will also coordinate with the Support Services departments and ensure the implementation of any academic accommodations. Upon graduation, we will work together through job searches and successful placements.

For adults, I focus on skills that allow my clients to be highly functioning and successful at home and at work. I focus on life skills such as time management, prioritizing, decision-making and communication skills. I also help with new career searches and transitions, along with keeping the household running smoothly. Finally, minimizing clutter and creating order out of chaos, at home and at the office, will play a critical role in keeping my clients' busy lives organized.


To enhance Executive Functioning Skills by utilizing the following strategies:

  • Multi-Sensory Approach
  • —Visual cues
  • —Verbal cues
  • —Cognitive Cues
  • —Managing Time
  • Managing Space
  • —Managing Materials
  • —Managing Information