"Holly is a highly skilled, empathetic and creative Organizational Coach. She approaches every student as if it were her own child--- with compassion and intelligence."  FB

"Holly is excellent! Time management and organization are challenges for me. I thought I was helping myself with keeping several calendars...wrong! In one meeting, Holly helped me to manage my appointments and exposed my fear of delegating tasks. These two things alone have helped me to free up some time to live a little. The time you spend with Holly will change your life."  LR

"Holly is a warm, non-judgmental coach. She worked with me in my home to develop a game plan and assisted when I needed help. She tailored her service to meet my needs and I have been able to maintain the results!"  KM

"If you have a business, you need Holly Millman. I have utilized Holly's services over the past 8 years. As an owner of a small business, I have to address many different issues on a daily basis such as operations, marketing, business contracts, and customer relations. Holly has assisted my company in all areas and has been a true asset. She has helped with planning, strategizing, and organizing many different aspects of our business. I would highly recommend Holly Millman to any business owner or manager." NG

"I thought we were getting another coach, but we got so much more. From the initial session, Holly was able to engage my son and develop a rapport, helping him feel more prepared and less anxious. She made suggestions and offered guidance to our son in a neutral and caring manner. Very quickly, she established a positive relationship with his teachers and was keyed in to the due dates for upcoming tests, quizzes and projects. For parents, Holly is a tremendous resource of information, ideas and suggestions, always letting us know when intervention was needed. I could go on about Holly and her skills forever; her support and encouragement have profoundly impacted my son and our family."   BA

"We were unsure how to go about improving our daughter's determination and focus without creating tension between us at home. After hiring Holly as our daughter's Organizational Coach, we discovered just how stress-free helping our daughter could be. Thanks to Holly's excellent communication skills and rapport with our daughter, her teachers, and us as parents, we all became a successful team focused on one common goal: making sure that our daughter achieved the potential we all knew she was capable of. Working with Holly was a win/win situation; a win for our child, whose organizational skills, confidence and overall success in school improved immensely, and a win for us, as we were able to see the joy of our child as she succeeded under Holly's guidance."   KB

"My child has been fortunate to work with Holly as an Organizational Coach, mentor, educator and friend for the past few years. She has always gone above and beyond to provide my child with all the tools needed to succeed. Holly is an incredibly genuine person, who is exceedingly generous with her time and energy, because she truly cares about the individuals she works with."  DE

Featured in Baltimore Magazine's Article "New Order"